Recent Perfume Acquisitions

Life has been very busy, but there have been a few releases that I decided to indulge in.

First, Solstice Scents. The roughly Valentine’s Day release included a restock of Sea of Gray, which is a scent I first purchased last year during its late summer/early fall release. I grabbed it up in oil format, but it was also available in the 60 ml EDP format. I’d been avoiding purchasing in this format because of the higher price (it’s easier to justify $16 on 5 mls, especially since I use them up so infrequently), and I wasn’t sure if it would wear the same. After almost blowing through my first 5 ml roller of this in just a few months, I decided to grab it when it was restocked!  This is now officially my first EDP purchase (aside from samples) and I’m very happy with it.

Through a Discord indie perfume group I participate in, another girl picked up a 10ml of a discontinued scent called Loggia, which is mahogany, amber, vanilla, black pepper, and all spice. I envision this will be slightly masculine, woody but perhaps a bit creamy. We’ll see; it was coming all the way from Australia and I won’t be able to pick it up until next meet up, but that’s all right; I’m in no rush.



NAVA had a Valentine’s resurgence, which is when they bring back scents from previous collections. This one had a new fragrance freebie with purchase, which is what encouraged me to buy one bottle.

The freebie is Eternal Ankh Pink – white amber absolute, powdered and reconstructed oil of Egyptian vanilla husk, vanilla fleck, African white vanilla absolute, amber resin, Bastet’s amber, pink sugar, and a touch of crimson musk. Unfortunately, I can already tell that this doesn’t really work for me. It’s so sad. This wears the way Eternal Ankh Anniversary wears on me…screaming, tinny white amber that leans powdery. The pink notes in this sample don’t even have a nose impact. Oh well.

The bottle that I purchased to get this freebie was Pink Vanille (as of today, sold out, I notice). Pink orchard peach, apricot petals, and pink apricot nectar of Benhama, Kashmir. A drop of pink Crystalline, pink Crystal vanilla, pink Egyptian musk, a kiss of pink sugar and pink peppercorn. This wears as a nice peach/apricot buoyed by the Crystal and Crystalline, NAVA’s house vanillas. I personally prefer Crystal on my skin and had sold my bottle of Crystalline because I could never smell it on skin. But I think my skin tends to amp anything peach/apricot because that is mostly what I get here. To compare across houses, this is a nice substitute for Arcana’s Little Man in the Boat, which is now discontinued. This was a safe blind buy that I’m happy with.

I also got FOMO and swiped someone’s bottle of Honey Cake, which is another resurgence from previous years. Buttery cake with a drizzle of our NA black honey accord, decadent Bastet’s ice cream absolute, and Crystalline absolute. I was a bit nervous about purchasing a honey scent because they can sometimes run extremely cloying, but this was beautiful. It’s the lightest touch of fluffy vanilla honey, thanks to the Crystalline. It is really very pretty–no regrets here, either.

The lovely person I purchased these from also tossed in a few sniffies (mostly empty bottles with enough oil left to test or get a good sense)–Upside Down Tarrie Cat and Princess Breath, both are part of the Clive Barker collection sometime last spring.

Upside Down Tarrie Cat is vanilla, Kobalt vanilla orchid, cream soda accord, black tea, bergamot, vetiver-amber.

Princess Breath is black honey accord, red Egyptian musk, white amber.

I wasn’t expecting to like either, especially Upside Down Tarrie Cat because of the vetiver. Vetiver and I don’t get along–I just cannot really appreciate it. But it takes a back seat in this scent.

Princess Breath is heavier thanks to the red musk and honey. This is nice but probably something I’d only wear once in a blue moon. The white amber makes it a bit powdery as well; this reminds me very much of BPAL’s O.


Anyway, the nagging feeling in the back of my head now is that I nreally need to start on a massive destash list to make room for other things. And/or, be happy with and use up what I currently have! Because how many vanilla scents do I need before I’m satisfied?

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