Snowshoe Pass by Solstice Scents

This was a photo of my Solstice Scents collection early on. It’s so quaint.

Today I decided to wear Snowshoe Pass again. Here’s my previous review of the scent:

This was another blind buy from the winter release (2015) for Solstice Scents. This is the only one out of the three (Snowmint Mallow and Buttered Rum Mallow being the other two that I bought) that I ended up wanting to keep. I’m currently in the process of selling Buttered Rum Mallow.

Notes: White amber, white musk, vanilla accord, peppermint cream, cold winds.

In the bottle: I guess this is all white amber and musk. I get something vaguely pepperminty.

Wet: Amber and musk. For some reason the last few times I tested this, I got a large kick of the peppermint cream, more than before. I think that has to do with the time of month though.

Dry down: This is so soft. It becomes very muted on my skin as it absorbs, all amber and musk with a hint of vanilla.

Sillage/Longevity: Low, and fairly short. A few hours maybe. This clings very close to the skin. Whisper distance. And sadly it gets absorbed so fast into my skin, fading almost entirely within two hours.

Verdict: This is lovely. Honestly, I wasn’t sure about it at first. It reminds me of one of the Victoria’s Secret fragrances I used to have (I can’t remember which one). In fact, it smelled so much more mainstream than I’m used to from Solstice Scents that I was disappointed at first. But honestly, it grew on me, and now I find it very comforting and nice. It’s a great bedtime scent–when I’ve been wearing it the most. If you’re looking for something very soft and subtle as a holiday scent, this is it.


Final thoughts as of 2017: I don’t really get amber. Remember, this review was with a beginner’s nose, so I really don’t think I knew what amber actually smelled like. Snowshoe Pass is the cousin of White Fox to me, a very similar scent overall but more minty. This isn’t a harsh mint though–occasionally, mint like this goes toothpastey. This does not pull that way at all. Instead, everything is well blended, and this becomes a soft, billowy, musky minty vanilla.

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