Travelers by Solstice Scents

10 ml roller - Travelers by Solstice Scents

My first Solstice Scents roller was not this one.

Foxcroft Fairgrounds (cotton candy, cream soda, vanilla taffy, gridling’s funnel cakes, powdered sugar, crisp fall air, woodsmoke, and a tendril of incense).  As I write these reviews, I’ll probably link to or completely transfer over my older reviews of all of the scents I’ve collected. But Foxcroft Fairgrounds was the first to inspire me to buy the full size roller.

That spawned the last two years of me essentially being a Solstice Scents shill. Full disclosure? I am not. I do, however, swoon over Angela’s new offerings each season, even two or three years down the (indie perfume) rabbit hole.

Combined with the announcement a year or so ago that the 10 ml cobalt rollers were being discontinued, my love for these scents caused me to embark on a quest to collect as many full size and discontinued scents as possible.

Thus brings us to Travelers.

Notes: A blend of amber, clove & frankincense

In the bottle: Honestly, mostly clove and amber.

Wet: The clove is a bit stronger than the amber. The amber sort of mellows the spiciness of the clove. This is very Christmas-y to me, as the clove and amber together pull very citrusy.

Dry down: The amber dies away after a bit, leaving mostly subtly spicy clove. I want to huff it. I don’t get much frankincense early in the dry down. After a while, this becomes less clove!! and more just warm and resinous. It’s lovely and well blended, perfectly reminiscent to me of a cozy holiday home.

Sillage/Longevity: Perhaps due to the notes or the age of this blend, this sticks fairly close to the skin. I’d say it’s a low/medium in terms of sillage. This wouldn’t fill up a room, but others may be able to smell it as you walked by depending on how much you slathered.

Final Thoughts: This is a late fall/winter scent to me. I do not really associate this with “exotic” spice scents, as really it pulls very clove on me. It makes me want to simmer a pot of mulled wine or curl up in front of a fireplace right before Christmas.

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